Hello, I’m Destiny.
Art Director from Miami.

Infusing Creativity with Authentic Expression.
Artistry That Resonates, Designs That Engage.
Summer - Digital Designer

My Mission

My mission is to harness the power of design to amplify voices and stories, enabling brands to shine uniquely.

My Story

Who am I?

My journey began with a vision to make a difference in the digital world.

As a seasoned digital designer with over 6 years of experience, I bring a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail to every project.

Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life!
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From conceptualization to execution, I strive to push boundaries and deliver exceptional design solutions that captivate audiences and drive results.



Graphic Design

From captivating ads to engaging social media posts, my graphic designs turn ideas into visual masterpieces.


UIUX Design

Crafting user-friendly digital experiences that blend seamless functionality with stunning visuals.



Expertly arranging text and visuals for easy readability and impactful communication across various mediums.


Logo Design

We create iconic logos that symbolize your brand's identity and leave a lasting impression.


Crafting Your Unique Identity
Creating Stunning Online Experiences


Graphic Design

Visualizing Your Ideas Beautifully
Mapping Your Path to Success



and a lot
more offerings
Crafting Designs That
Reflect Identity and Innovation
Driving Visual Narratives
That Stand Out

"Infusing creativity with cultural depth–that's my expertise."

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"Since being at Banyan, Destiny has been an inspiration to me. I admire her ability to design beautiful things, but also her intentionality when speaking to her work and creative choices. She knows how to push the envelope and is comfortable in doing so. Love that for her and us!"

Allison Smith
Design Specialist, Banyan Communications

"I've heard it said by many that Destiny embodies boldness in her design skills with the products she creates — but her boldness is more than that. She is willing to try new things, try new products, and willing to learn hard skills by doing things for the first time. When she had a project to share, she intentionally adapted the space to open it up for engagement — she listened intently to understand others perspectives and took the feedback back to improve the work even more. She led for justice in a way that gave voice to her colleagues to impact her, the work, and the audiences for the better."

Iz Holcomb
Creative Director, Banyan Communications

"Working with Summer was an absolute pleasure. Their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to bring our vision to life exceeded all expectations. From initial concept to final product, they demonstrated professionalism and a true passion for their craft. Our project wouldn't have been the same without them. Highly recommended!"

James Hoffmann
Founder, XLC Toys


Here’s my work
I’m a digital designer (and art director newbie), with 5 years of experience
in various companies.
My History
Art Director
May 2024 - Present
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Graphic Designer II
October 2022 - May 2024
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Graphic Designer
September 2021 - July 2022
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Freelance Designer
August 2020 - Present
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Leasing Marketing Manager
May 2019 - Aug 2020
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See examples of my past projects.
From website designs to branding campaigns

Each project showcases creativity, expertise, and
commitment to delivering exceptional results for my clients.


Graphic Design


Stripe is world's most renowned payment processor.

Created illustrations for both Stripe's site and web app. Worked extensively with development team to make sure designs are web friendly.

LEGO Collection Product Design
Product Design
Web Design

LEGO Collection Product Design

It manufactures Lego-branded toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks.

Worked in a team of 3 designers to help build their truck series. We experimented for 6 months before launching the toy in the market

Sparkle & Shine Jewelry Website
Web Design
Product Design

Sparkle & Shine Jewelry Website

They specialize in making handmade, bespoke sterling silver stacking bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklaces.

Was a quick project, time duration between concepting and design completing was 3 weeks. Worked on branding book and a fresh new site.

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